Stakeholder »Professor1 (anonymous)« (ST-2)

At the request of the stakeholder, the real name is not mentioned here. Instead, we will use a pseudonym.

Stakeholder Role, to which this Stakeholder belongs
STR-2: Professor for Computer Science
STR-1: Lecturer
Relationship to Project
Potential user of the system, as a lecturer.
Interview(s) with this Stakeholder
INT-1: Interview with »Professor1 (anonymous)«
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Stefan Bente
(v1)   2021-06-16 - created initially
(v2)   2021-07-22 - added more detail to profile and relevance, added stakeholderole potAnwender
(v3)   2021-07-24 - remove and fix todos


nnProf1 has been teaching at the university for many years. He particularly represents teaching in the areas of modeling, software engineering and project management. In these subjects he has been using virtual teaching and examination methods for quite some time.

However, he has not yet found a way to individualize the examination tasks. During the Corona pandemic, nnProf1 noticed above all that completely virtual teaching would reduce the possibility of communication quality among and between all persons in the university environment.

Areas of activity in teaching

Relevance as a Stakeholder

nnProf1, like many of his colleagues, sets students tasks in his courses that are to be solved digitally by means of software software or require different media for processing. However, not all tasks can be assessed automatically. Likewise, there is still no individualization of the tasks in his courses, but he is very interested in this feature. For this reason, it was important and helpful to include and interview this stakeholder.