Documents and Literature (20)

A literature reference is a published article, journal, book etc., or an online resource. In addition, other documents relevant for the planned software system (usually unpublished or internal) are listed here.

ID Document Author(s) Title Dokument Type Date
  LIT-1 About 9 non functional requirements example Webpage 2021.05.04
  LIT-2 About ArtStation Webpage
  LIT-3 About College for Creative Studies Webpage
  LIT-4 About DeviantArt Webpage
  LIT-5 About Fashion Institute of Technology Webpage
  LIT-6 About Pinterest Webpage
  LIT-7 About University of Arts London Webpage
  LIT-8 About University of Westminster Webpage
  LIT-9 Art School Webpage
LIT-10 Die KISD Webpage
  LIT-11 General Data Protection Regulation Webpage
  LIT-12 Gesetz über Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzrechte Webpage
  LIT-13 Introduction to international copyright law Webpage
  LIT-14 Portfolio Advice Webpage
  LIT-15 Portfolio Definition Webpage
  LIT-16 Portfolio Requirements Webpage
  LIT-17 Portfolio Requirements Webpage
  LIT-18 Portfolio Requirements Webpage
  LIT-19 Portfolio Requirements Webpage
  LIT-20 Profil der Kunstakademie Münster Webpage