Stakeholder Roles (9)

Stakeholder roles are generalized, "typical" roles of stakeholders, which can then be used, for example, in can be used in use cases. For example: "Prof. Dr. Erika Kaminsky, Professor of Applied Mathematics" would be a stakeholder, while "Professor" could be the stakeholder role.

ID Name Description
  STR-1 Administrator The administrator is responsible for system maintenance and user management.
  STR-4 Artist A person with the profession to create artworks in a certain type
STR-2 Architect Architect
STR-3 Art professor A art professor is a person which teaches art at an art school
STR-6 Musician Musician
STR-7 Painter Painter
STR-8 Photographer Photographer
STR-9 Video Artist Video Artist
STR-5 Client The client of the system