User Stories (15)

Agile requirements (unlike in document-centric requirements elicitation, in a "waterfall" development process) are initially captured only roughly. A detailed specification is made created only immediately before implementation, often as user stories.

This tool is geared towards document-centric requirements elicitation ("waterfall"). User stories for the agile backlog are derived selectively from the prioritized functional requirements for the sake of methodological completeness. In practice, this would not be done - the product owner would create the backlog directly. Therefore, here (but only here!), this tool does not represent a realistic process. In an agile project, you would skip the majority of the other artifacts specified in this tool.

ID Title Belongs to functional requirement
US-1 Add like FR-10: Like a certain portfolio
  US-2 Change password FR-11: Manage Account Details
  US-3 Comment other artist's portfolio FR-2: Comment under a portfolio
  US-4 Create account FR-3: Create Account
  US-5 Customize tags layout FR-6: Customize portfolio appearance
  US-6 Delete account FR-7: Delete account
  US-7 Delete portfolio FR-12: Manage a portfolio
  US-8 Edit artwork description FR-1: Add a brief description to artworks in the portfolio
  US-9 Export portfolio as PDF FR-8: Export portfolio
  US-10 Fuzzy Search FR-17: Search for portfolios
  US-11 Search by tags FR-17: Search for portfolios
  US-12 Search suggestion for Artist Names FR-17: Search for portfolios
  US-13 Select tags from a pool FR-14: Manage keywords on a portfolio
  US-14 Share portfolio FR-15: Permalink to portfolio
  US-15 Upload artwork FR-13: Manage artworks to the portfolio