Priorization workshop »Selecting a small number of functional requirements to create a MVP« (PRIO-1)

In total 2, from a target group size of 4. The participants belong to the stakeholder role Lecturer. The target group consists of Team B .
Conducting the Workshop
The Workshop took place on 18.08.2022 between 16:30 and 17:30 o'clock. The location was Remote.
Method: 1-crition-classification
We used 1-crition-classification
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Tobias Hund
(v1)   2022-08-18 - Initially created

Why this method?

Because of its simplicity and the effort compared to the natural fuzziness of requirements.


Functional Requirements Priority Class
FR-1: Add a brief description to artworks in the portfolio Optional
FR-2: Comment under a portfolio Mandatory
FR-3: Create Account Mandatory
FR-4: Create Portfolio Mandatory
FR-5: Create a new template to customize the portfolio Nice-to-have
FR-6: Customize portfolio appearance Mandatory
FR-7: Delete account Optional
FR-8: Export portfolio Mandatory
FR-9: Feedback for a portfolio Mandatory
FR-10: Like a certain portfolio Nice-to-have
FR-11: Manage Account Details Optional
FR-12: Manage a portfolio Mandatory
FR-13: Manage artworks to the portfolio Mandatory
FR-14: Manage keywords on a portfolio Mandatory
FR-15: Permalink to portfolio Mandatory
FR-16: Reset password Mandatory
FR-17: Search for portfolios Mandatory
FR-18: Select School during export Optional
FR-19: Sign in/out Mandatory
FR-20: Use existing templates to customize the portfolio Optional
FR-21: View a portfolio Mandatory