Stakeholder Role »Artist« (STR-4)

A person with the profession to create artworks in a certain type

Interviews, Workshops, and Surveys for this Role
SV-1: Get insights from art interested people to figure out whether and how they would use PandArt
Where does this Stakeholder Role appear as an actor?
UC-1: Add comment
UC-3: Create portfolio
UC-4: Describe artwork
UC-5: Export portfolio for art jobs or art schools application
UC-6: Login
UC-7: Select school
UC-8: Upload artwork
US-3: Comment other artist's portfolio
US-1: Add like
US-2: Change password
US-4: Create account
US-6: Delete account
US-7: Delete portfolio
US-8: Edit artwork description
US-9: Export portfolio as PDF
US-10: Fuzzy Search
US-11: Search by tags
US-12: Search suggestion for Artist Names
US-13: Select tags from a pool
US-14: Share portfolio
US-5: Customize tags layout
US-15: Upload artwork
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Tobias Hund
(v1)   2022-05-02 - initially created


An artist is the general form of a person which profession is to create art of a certain type. This could be for example a painter, singer, songwriter or musician. In general it is a person with a creative attitude. An artist is a possible user of the system with indiviual skills.