Stakeholder »PandArt (group)« (ST-1)

Stakeholder Role, to which this Stakeholder belongs
STR-5: Client
Relationship to Project
client and visionary of the project
Interview(s) with this Stakeholder
INT-1: Interview with »PandArt«
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Tobias Hund und Moritz Wurm
(v1)   2022-05-19 - created initially
(v2)   2022-06-05 - fixed todos
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Relevance as a stakeholder

PandArt is a group of four students at the TH Cologne. They have won a jackpot through a betting syndicate at the national lottery and invested the money in their startup. They are having the vision to build a portfolio platform for artists. They are the visionaries and clients of the project. They reached out to us to specify the requirements for their project therefore our requirements should meet their expectations. After they presented their vision we started the requirements engineering process. They also took part in an interview.