Survey »Get insights from art interested people to figure out whether and how they would use PandArt« (SV-1)

In total 13, from a target group size of ~20. The participants belong to the stakeholder role Artist. The target group consists of art interested people from our private environments. The target group was approached by providing the Google forms survey link via Discord or Whatsapp
Conducting the Survey
The survey was open from 18.05.2022 until 20.05.2022. The survey was provided as a Google forms online survey
Additional Documentation
Survey results as screenshots from Google forms
Survey results as xlsx-sheet for download
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Moritz Wurm
(v1)   2022-06-06 - created initially
Errors, Warnings, Todos
t   complete survey


The survey was distributed via Whatsapp and Discord to people interested in art in our personal environments. The survey was answered by 13 participants between 18.05.2022 and 20.05.2022. By using Google forms it is completely anonymous and there is no possibility of association between people and answers. We hoped to be able to derive typical user personas and scenarios from the results

The Survey

Below you can see the survey questions in the order they were asked


The Survey results (pdf) contain a good overview of people interested in art in various areas. Although almost all respondents are in the same age group, many different types of art/artists are represented. There is a useful distribution in the results between the ways in which PandArt could be used. Although 13 respondents are not truly representative, we were able to derive some personas and scenarios based on the survey