Use case diagram for functional requirement »Feedback for a portfolio« (UCD-1)

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FR-9: Feedback for a portfolio
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Joel Iyebi
(v1)   2022-08-18 - initially created


The following use cases are shown in the diagram below. If there is a detailed version of a use case with scenarios available, it is hyperlinked.


This use case diagram is based on the “Feedback” scenario. An artist can provide feedback on a portfolio by either writing a comment on the portfolio or simply giving a “Like” to the portfolio. This is represented in the uc diagram by the “Generalization” relationship type, where “Like” and “Add Comment” are specializations of the “Feedback” supertype. The diagram also includes two other relationship types, “include” and “extend”; the “extend” relationship occurs in the “create portfolio” use case; when creating a portfolio, artists can either use existing templates or create their own template. The include relationship type takes place between the search artwork and sign-in use cases, which is quite simple because artists must first sign in to the platform to search for artwork.