Use Case »Add comment« (UC-1)

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Use case diagram for functional requirement »Feedback for a portfolio« (UCD-1)
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Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Joel Iyebi
(v1)   2022-07-27 - initially created
Errors, Warnings, Todos
e   e052: There is no reference for add_comment.
w   w051: There is no reference for 'secondaryActors'.
w   w684:
t   (sb) main scenario is missing steps - what about saving?
t   (sb) step 3 is actually 2 steps
t   (sb) post-condition - is comment immediately visible to everyone? Or will there be a clearance first (so that there are no abuses etc.)?
t   (sb) Alternative is not really an alternative but the same. Just criticism instead of praise.

Use Case Header

Title Add comment
Description An artist adds feedback to another artist's portfolio.
Primary actor STR-4: Artist
Trigger An artist wants to comment another artist's portfolio
Precondition artist is logged in into their account
Postcondition artist has successfully given their feedback to a portfolio

Main Scenario

  1. The artist finds another artist's portfolio interesting
  2. He descides to let the artist know he likes the artworks on the portfolio.
  3. The artist clicks on the comment icon below the portfolio and enters their comment.

Alternative Scenario