Use Case »Select school« (UC-7)

Belongs to functional requirement
FR-18: Select School during export
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Joel Iyebi
(v1)   2022-08-02 - initially created
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Use Case Header

Title Select school
Description An artist selects a school-specific portfolio template during portfolio export.
Primary actor STR-4: Artist
Trigger An artist wants to export his portfolio
Precondition artist is logged in into his account and has created a portfolio
Postcondition artist has successfully exported his portfolio using a specific school template

Main Scenario

  1. artist navigate to the PandArt website and logs into their account
  2. artist navigate to their portfolio page, and clicks on the "export" button on the portfolio
  3. In a dialog pop-up, the artist selects the school template they want to use
  4. The artist selects "download now"
  5. After some few seconds (max. five seconds), the download starts and the portfolio is saved in the "Download" folder on their PC

Alternative Scenario

Exception Scenario