Primary Persona Ā»Julia MilovicĀ« (PRS-5)

Relationship to Project
Julia conducts a bakery in cologne that has leftovers every day which can not be sold anymore on the next day.
Scenarios for this Persona
SCN-7: Using YumShare App to offer leftovers easily
Collecting ideas for YumShare app from sponsor and supplier perspective (WS-1), Mindmap and 6 Thinking Hats. Proves that this is a fairly typical type of supplier.
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Marc Kevin Zenzen und Stefan Steinhauer
(v1)   2022-05-31 - initially created
(v2)   2022-06-15 - updated
(v3)   2022-06-25 - add references
(v4)   2022-08-05 - add usedFor

Julia Milovic


Julia is an 31-year-old woman who moved to cologne a few years ago (1). She now runs a bakery near the main station and lives alone in a small apartment about 30 minutes away if she uses public transport (2). Since she regularly has leftovers that will be not sellable anymore on the next day, she registered at YumShare a few weeks ago due to advice from a friend (3). She grew up in a poor family herself, so she was always interested in helping poor people (4). So she also likes to give an opportunity to poorer people to get bakery products for a lower price (5).


Attitude towards sustainability

Julia never joined an active community but is a friend of sustainability herself (6). She always tries to not waste food privately, and she switch off any device or light if she is not at home (7). Even she never came in contact with it, she would appreciate access to a community on the topic (8).