Requirements Engineering - Team C

Product Idea / Project Definition

Your AR gate for your room’s dream: ARid

An application that empowers customers with augmented reality (AR) interior design which gives you a real-time experience when buying furniture or other home stuff. With our visualising technology, that can be used in smartphones or AR glasses, businesses can put the designs of their products like furniture in an augmented reality marketplace where end customers can use these models to fit their expectations. So how does it work? Suppose you’re interested in buying a sofa while searching online, all you have to do is turn on the application which opens the camera and then you can simply drag and drop the sofa onto your location of choice. Furthermore, you can also change colors for instance of the walls and match the sofa with your current room theme. In addition to this, the selection can be edited further.

Evaluation and cooperation in the project

We as Team C ask that the allocation mentioned in the documents under “Authors” not be taken into account in the evaluation. All group members have worked equally on the project and we ask that, if possible, this project is also assessed equally for all members.

Our Todos Artifacts (Notes)

  • Ask aiSight for stakeholders (Atleast 4) DONE
  • Iterate System Context Elements and then discuss with aiSight
  • Iterate Goals and evaluate with aiSight
  • Add words to glossary in RE tool
  • Iterate the Domain Model and add Multiplicities (!)
  • Discuss workshop and survey (evaluate existing tools).
  • Scenarios (Storys what the system is supposed to do) from interviews/workshops
  • Personas (Describe the extremes) Add to RE tool
  • (later) Functional Requirements
  • (later) Nonfunctional Requirements
  • (later) Priorisations (Cano/Kano?)
  • (end) Review the artifacts from other team
  • Add functional requirement for selecting products in AR environment (to move etc.)
  • Do we need a list with every model currently placed in AR? For users to find it if lost / edit? too technical?
  • (later) UseCases for each scenario and UsecaseDisagram
  • (later) UserStory for 2 sprints (2 weeks) make them small to be done in 1 sprint

Todos Sheet

Google Sheet