Functional Requirement »Basic filters« (FR-6)

If the user wants to select a certain product to place in his room, the system must provide the ability to the users to filter the available products, by various basic product filters.

Type of functional requirement
User interaction
Contributes to goal(s)
GO-4: Great Usability
-3 (out of a maximum value of 17)
Zugehörige Use Cases
UC-2: Filter Products
Zugehörige User Stories
US-8: Filter all available products by category of furniture or decoration
US-9: Filter all available products by color
US-10: Filter all available products by price
Kano type
Basic - With a large number of products, a filter is indispensable. Otherwise, the user will have to search forever to find the right product. Such a feature is implemented almost everywhere where there is a bigger list of selections so users will expect it.
Interview with »Dennis Neumann« (INT-1), 18.05.2022. The investors told us about this requirement.
RE Module Praticipants: Miroboard for workshop continuous activites (Block 2) (LIT-13). In this workshop we thought about this requirement..
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Tim Pack, Ali Abdulra, Celina Schulz, und Lydia Vogel
(v1)   2022-06-04 - initially created
(v2)   2022-06-25 - added prio score
(v3)   2022-07-19 - Corrected goals and sources, added more FRs & added stuff to kano reasoning