Interview with »Dennis Neumann« (INT-1)

Dennis Neumann
The interview was conducted on 29.04.2021 as a video conference. It lasted 42:13 min. See also a questionnaire.
For the interview, there is a transscript and also a questionnaire.
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Tim Pack und Lydia Vogel
(v1)   2022-05-05 - initially created
(v2)   2022-07-18 - added stakeholders

Additional Information

The interview was conducted via Zoom. Two members of Team C (Lydia Vogel and Tim Pack) and two members of aiSight were present. The interview questions were sent to aiSight in PDF format beforehand. After a short introduction, the interview began and lasted about 45 minutes. The audio and video was recorded via Zoom and later transcribed with the help of Google. Afterwards, the text was analysed and further artefacts were generated from it.


The main objective of the first interview was to get to know the people involved in the project. In addition, the previously created description of the project was to be further specified and deeper questions clarified. There were also these other goals: