Personas (8)

Personas are fictitious people, representing typical users in a target group. A persona should have the most important characteristics of the target group. Which kind of attributes and details are important for a persona depends on the to-be-designed software system - a fitness app requires different persona descriptions than an insurance customer management system. Personas are created in a brief narrative format, and are based on real-life persons.

In the subsequent table, primary (= especially relevant) personas are printed in bold face.

ID Name Stakeholder Role Related Scenarios
  PRS-1 Cristobal (Chris) Hernandez Vendor none
  PRS-2 Daniel Meier Interior designer none
  PRS-3 Hannah Schmidt Vendor none
  PRS-4 Inga Hoff End customer none
  PRS-5 Jian Yu End customer none
  PRS-6 Maya Brown Vendor none
  PRS-7 Michael Peck End customer none
  PRS-8 Sonja Bach Interior designer none