Prioritization is necessary to differentiate requirements from each other (important and unimportant), as well as to bring order into a project and to ensure the project success. Depending on the project, ad-hoc-, analytical, and agile priorization techniques can be used. This page presents tools for the prioritization process, as well as prioritization results.

Priorization workshops

The following table lists the priorization workshop(s) for the functional requirements.

Intention Method Participants Date
Basic features for a minimum viable product (MVP) CAF (consider all facts) & PMI (Plus Minus Interesting) after top eight method 19.08.2022
Basic features for a minimum viable product (MVP) kano model 19.08.2022

Input for the prioritization process

Paper-printable functional requirements list

At this link, there is a PDF version of all functional requirements. This is optimized for printing out on DIN A4 (landscape) and can be used for prioritization in workshops.

Most important goals (for CAF/PMI)

The following table can be used to select the criteria for the "Consider all facts / plus-minus-interesting" (CAF/PMI) method. These criteria are usually derived from the goals for the software system. Theses goals are plotted against the functional requirements. The most often referenced goals are furthest to the left. Major goals count double.

Functional Requirement GO-4: Great Usability (Sub-Goal) GO-12: Support Creativity (Main Goal) GO-3: Easy integration for business customers (Main Goal) GO-9: Provide feeling of one shop (Sub-Goal) GO-2: Customisable (Sub-Goal) GO-7: Keep all data privacy related topics as open and transparent as possible for the users (Main Goal) GO-14: Visual impression of the room to be planned (Sub-Goal) GO-13: User Count (Sub-Goal) GO-10: Reduce shipping returns (Sub-Goal) GO-11: Revenue of the company (Sub-Goal) GO-8: Models matching real products (Sub-Goal) GO-6: Increase business customer revenue (Sub-Goal) GO-5: Great customer experience (Main Goal) GO-1: Business Goals (Main Goal)
FR-1: Account creation       x                    
FR-2: Account deletion           x                
FR-3: Add personal user details x     x                    
FR-4: Add products to a shopping cart     x x                    
FR-5: Advanced filters x                          
FR-6: Basic filters x                          
FR-7: Display the in AR placed products in a list x                          
FR-8: Drag & Drop the products in the AR view x x                        
FR-9: Forwarding changes to the status of the order to the user (R3)     x x                    
FR-10: Forwarding users' orders to the business partner (R4)     x x                    
FR-11: Load room theme (R16)         x                  
FR-12: Mark room theme as favorite (R1)         x                  
FR-13: Move the selected products models in the AR room (R11) x x                        
FR-14: Notify about wrong size (R5) x                          
FR-15: Place an order for the current shoppingcart     x x                    
FR-16: Place the selected products in the AR room (R2) x x                        
FR-17: Provide dummy models to be able to simulate existing furniture (R13)   x                        
FR-18: Save room theme (R17) x x     x                  
FR-19: Select Dummy Models x x                        
FR-20: Select and remove the selected products from the AR room x                          
FR-21: Select multiple products from a list (R6) x                          
FR-22: Select placed products models in AR x                          
FR-23: Select products from a list (R7) x                          
FR-24: Share designed room   x                        
FR-25: Show the exact information of the business partner to order (R14) x   x                      
FR-26: Take measurements of the objects in this room in AR x           x              
FR-27: The furniture must be customizable in its design (R15)   x     x                  
FR-28: Update product informations by the business customer (R18)     x                      
FR-29: Uploading 3D models (R2)     x