Scenarios (9)

Scenarios describe situations in which people interact with a system (as a storyline). These situations have a clearly defined context. Scenarios serve on the one hand for the informal requirements on a system, and on the other hand for the evaluation of a system regarding formalized goals and requirements. formalized goals and requirements.

Scenarios are based on the previously created personas. They can refer to the current situation (ACTUAL scenario) or to the future (improved) situation (TARGET scenario). Scenarios focus on activities of people in a general sense, less on very specific interactions. In addition, they may include the usage environment of the application or system, the duration of use, the probability of interruption, and the use of other applications.

ID Title Scenario Types covered by this Scenario
  SCN-1 Buying selected products via AR tool marketplace Main Scenario
  SCN-2 Comparing products in the AR tool Main Scenario
  SCN-3 Following the tutorial of the AR tool Main Scenario
  SCN-4 Inserting product information in the AR tool as business customer Descriptive Scenario
  SCN-5 Opening a template provided by the AR tool Descriptive Scenario
  SCN-6 Placing selected products in the AR tool Main Scenario
  SCN-7 Planning new rooms when moving to another apartment Main Scenario
  SCN-8 Saving design in the AR tool Descriptive Scenario
  SCN-9 Uploading a 3D model to the AR tool Descriptive Scenario