Use Cases (9)

A use case bundles all possible scenarios that can occur when an actor tries to achieve a certain goal with the help of the IT system under consideration. The use case describes what can happen when trying to achieve the goal. It abstracts from concrete technical solutions.

ID Title Belongs to functional requirement
UC-1 Check order status & details FR-25: Show the exact information of the business partner to order (R14)
UC-2 Filter Products FR-6: Basic filters
UC-3 Load room theme FR-11: Load room theme (R16)
UC-4 Purchase product FR-15: Place an order for the current shoppingcart
UC-5 Save room theme FR-18: Save room theme (R17)
UC-6 Share room with others FR-24: Share designed room
UC-7 Try out Products in AR FR-16: Place the selected products in the AR room (R2)
UC-8 Update Product Information FR-28: Update product informations by the business customer (R18)
UC-9 Upload 3D model FR-29: Uploading 3D models (R2)