Secondary Persona »Cristobal (Chris) Hernandez« (PRS-1)

Relationship to Project
Chris is a typical bigger business customer of the tool.
Scenarios for this Persona
SCN-2: Comparing products in the AR tool
RE Module Praticipants: Miroboard for workshop informal requirements (Block 3) (LIT-14). Persona idea from miro board.
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Celina Schulz
(v1)   2022-07-17 - initially created




Chris is the CEO of an international mid-size company that produces high quality and high priced furniture (1). They are located in Berlin and have one physical store there but mainly sell products via their webshop (2). Chris is divorced but still has a good relationship to the mother of his adult children (3). In his free time, he travels a lot, especially on water, and he plays tennis with friends to stay fit (4). Also his business is his passion - he loves high quality furniture with only the best materials (5). But the competition is strong and Chris is looking for ways to gain new customers (6). Additionally he wants to help his customers to decide on what product is right for them (7). Customers in this high price segment decide very well on what they buy and take their time (8). If something is not ideal for them, they keep looking - probably at other competitors (9). This frustrated Chris because he spends much time advising customers (10). Many employees in his company even drive to their customers homes with sample products to provide them a realistic impression (11). Anyway, the ratio of interested / advised people and people buying a product is very bad for his company (12). He wants to change this by providing customers with a realistic visual impression of the products in a certain context (a room, with other pieces …) (13).