Secondary Persona »Maya Brown« (PRS-6)

Relationship to Project
Maya is a typical small business customer of the tool.
Scenarios for this Persona
SCN-6: Placing selected products in the AR tool
RE Module Praticipants: Miroboard for workshop informal requirements (Block 3) (LIT-14). Persona idea from miro board.
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Celina Schulz
(v1)   2022-07-17 - initially created




Maya is the owner of a very small company which sells handmade, sustainable decoration items (1). Maya and her best friend Lea are the only employees and chase their dream of producing and selling their own handmade decoration (2). Since Maya knows a bit about IT because she was a web developer before, she is able to maintain their website on her own (3). Anyway she also produces products, designs them and helps with other tasks so she barely has time for herself (4). At the beginning it was not really a problem for her because the love for DIY, sustainable designs and creativity pushed her (5). But now with that ongoing time pressure and exhaustion, Maya starts to slowly burn out (6). This is why she started to take more time for herself, neglecting the company a bit (7). In the long term, Maya wants a possibility of selling her products to a greater customer base, using for instance amazon (8). One of her problems is the returning of ordered products as the product photos or information seem to be different from reality, leading to customers having false expectations (9). Maya thinks this is common for handmade designs since they are best presented in a 360-view in reallife (10). Maya hopes for a way to make more people like her designs and aware of them and the importance of sustainable design (11). Her business is drowning in competition which makes it hard to make enough profit (12). It would be ideal for her if she could sell her products more easily without having to maintain the webshop (13). Also, a better impression of the products would be nice to prevent returns (14).