Priorization workshop »Basic features for a minimum viable product (MVP)« (PRIO-2)

In total 4, from a target group size of 4. The participants belong to the stakeholder role . The target group consists of members of Team C . Team C
Conducting the Workshop
The Workshop took place on 10.06.2022 between 15:00 and 16:00 o'clock. The location was in Innovation Hub, TH Campus Steinmüllerallee / Gummersbach.
Method: kano model
We used the Kano model to select the fitting factor category (basic, performance, excitement) to each functional requirement we have so far. This was done on paper.
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Tim Pack, Celina Schulz, Ali Abdulra, und Lydia Vogel
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Why this method?

The Kano model is a good method for dividing requirements into categories of influence on customer satisfaction. As customer experience is one of our main goals and all in all very important for the system to be developed, this method was suitable. Basic requirements have to be in a MVP as customers will expect them and if they were missing customers would be unsatisfied. Performance factors should also be included in the MVP as a second priority and, if there is still available capacity, excitement factors can be included lastly. This is because excitement factors do not lead to a customer dissatisfaction if missing. On the other hand performance factors will have a linear influence on customer satisfaction.


We documented our results on paper:

Priorization results