Scenario »Planning new rooms when moving to another apartment« (SCN-7)

Persona for this Scenario
PRS-5: Jian Yu
Scenario Types covered by this Scenario
Main Scenario (Standard scenario, which leads as the 'default case' to the fulfillment of a goal)
Interview with »Dennis Neumann« (INT-1). Mentioned during the interview.
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Tim Pack
(v1)   2022-05-27 - initially created
(v2)   2022-07-18 - added source

Main Scenario: Jian is moving to another apartment and just wants to look if his furniture fits into the new room

Before moving into a new flat, Jian would like to plan and try out exactly where his existing furniture could be placed in the new flat (1). He has already selected suitable dummy furniture in the AR tool (2). Now he is in the new flat with the tool and drags the furniture into place and gets a picture of how he could furnish the new flat and which furniture he might have to buy new (3). With the app, he can select the dummy items for his existing furniture as well as add new ones and then order them later from the dealer if he likes them (4). He sets up his bedroom and places his bed and wardrobe (5). He also notices a beautiful bedside table in the app (6). He places and configures it and finally orders it directly to him in the new flat (7). After that he gets a date with an approximate delivery time (8). Now he can look forward to his new piece of furniture and continue furnishing his home and planning with the AR tool (9).