Scenario »Following the tutorial of the AR tool« (SCN-3)

Persona for this Scenario
PRS-4: Inga Hoff
Scenario Types covered by this Scenario
Main Scenario (Standard scenario, which leads as the 'default case' to the fulfillment of a goal)
Other Scenarios for this Persona
SCN-9: Uploading a 3D model to the AR tool
RE Module Praticipants: Miroboard for workshop informal requirements (Block 3) (LIT-14). Scenario idea from miro board.
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Celina Schulz
(v1)   2022-05-22 - initially created
(v2)   2022-07-18 - added source

Main Scenario: Inga follows the AR tool’s tutorial

This is the first time Inga is using the new AR tool (1). She wants to try it out to see if it fits her needs (2). The tool welcomes her as a new user and proposes a tutorial to get to know the tool better (3). Inga is curious and accepts to follow it (4). The tool asks her to open the camera of the device (5). Currently, Inga is working on her tablet (6). She opens the camera and the tool scans the room to display it in AR (7). Inga is very happy about the result as it is very accurate and does not lag when moving around (8). Then the tool highlights the product list and suggests to pick some dummy models to display them (9). The tool explains that this works with dragging and dropping (10). Inga picks a dummy model of a couch and drags the item into the AR area (11). The tool then displays the couch in the middle of the room (12). As Inga’s office is quite big she has enough room for a couch (13). She drags the couch around until it fits into a spot close to the wall and the window (14). Inga is very happy with the location and the tutorial is ended (15).