Stakeholder Role »Interior designer« (STR-3)

Main user of the system & group of end customers with professional background.

Stakeholder(s) with this Role
Interior Designers
Where does this Stakeholder Role appear as an actor?
PRS-2: Daniel Meier
PRS-8: Sonja Bach
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Tim Pack, Celina Schulz, Ali Abdulra, und Lydia Vogel
(v1)   2022-06-25 - initially created
(v2)   2022-07-18 - added source, extended profile
Errors, Warnings, Todos
w   w005: More than 3 authors (field 'author') - is that on purpose?


Interior designers are part of the end customers which use the tool for creative purposes. They have a professional background and use the tool for their job / studies / hobby. They could be students, freelancers or employees of companies.

Typical Tasks