Systemkontext: Competitor »Amazon - View in your room« (SYC-3)

A competitor that offers a product with similar features.

Amazon: Amazon - View in your Room (LIT-2). Insights abouth the competitor.
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Tim Pack, Ali Abdulra, Celina Schulz, und Lydia Vogel
(v1)   2022-06-19 - initially created
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Amazon „View in your room“ is a direct competitor of our AR tool project. It is important to consider such competitors in the system context as analyzing their products can create important insights that can be used as input for our project (e.g. insights can be used to figure out basic factors that are part of the KANO model).

Product description

„View in your room“ lets you view products in your home before you buy them. You can see how products fit and look in your home before you bring them home. Curious whether a chair is the right size for your living room, or whether a coffee table you like will go along with your sofa? Now just pull out your phone to find out.

Important Features

- Select different products by categories
- Place and rotate the products in the room
- Save a picture of the model in your room
- Get suggenstions for your room (discover new products)
- Directly buy products from Amazon
- Place multiple products