Systemkontext: Competitor »IKEA Place App« (SYC-5)

A competitor that offers a product with similar features

IKEA: IKEA Place App (LIT-5). Insights abouth the competitor.
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Tim Pack, Ali Abdulra, Celina Schulz, und Lydia Vogel
(v1)   2022-06-19 - initially created
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The IKEA Place App is a direct competitor of our AR tool project. It is important to consider such competitors in the system context as analyzing their products can create important insights that can be used as input for our project (e.g. insights can be used to figure out basic factors that are part of the KANO model).

Product description

IKEA Place lets you virtually place true-to-scale 3D models in your very own space. Combining the latest AR technology and IKEA’s smart home solutions, you can experience IKEA like never before.

Get inspired through camera first experiences and our specially curated collections. With continual product highlights and groups, there is always something new to try at home.

Furnish a whole room in just one tap, or find the perfect product by searching with your camera. IKEA Place has new and exciting ways to enjoy IKEA. Plus, with more coming soon - keep checking IKEA Place to see what you can place next.

Important Features

- Only for US market
- Scale, place and rotate the products in the room
- Scale, place and rotate decorations in the room
- Like/save products