Use case diagram for functional requirement »Select placed products models in AR« (UCD-1)

Mainly belongs to functional requirement
FR-22: Select placed products models in AR
Other referenced functional requirements (in the individual use cases)
FR-6: Basic filters
FR-16: Place the selected products in the AR room (R2)
FR-25: Show the exact information of the business partner to order (R14)
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Celina Schulz
(v1)   2022-08-06 - initially created
(v2)   2022-08-16 - changed diagram according to new UCs/feedback
Errors, Warnings, Todos
w   w007: The acronym should match the filename - that is not the case. Acronym: ar_marketplace, Filename:
w   w652: There are no other use cases (not specified in detail) for this diagram.


The following use cases are shown in the diagram below. If there is a detailed version of a use case with scenarios available, it is hyperlinked.


The use case diagram represents scenarios for an end customer trying out products in the AR tool. To do this, an end customer can select a product from the product list, place it in AR and move it around - filtering can be used as well. Also, users can check their orders.