Use Case »Purchase product« (UC-4)

Belongs to functional requirement
FR-15: Place an order for the current shoppingcart
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Celina Schulz, Tim Pack, Lydia Vogel, und Ali Abdulra
(v1)   2022-08-15 - initially created as combined use case of old ones according to feedback
Errors, Warnings, Todos
w   w005: More than 3 authors (field 'author') - is that on purpose?
w   w051: There is no reference for 'secondaryActors'.
w   w680: This use case does not appear on any use case diagram.
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Use Case Header

Title Purchase product
Description Users can purchase selected products.
Primary actor STR-1: End customer
Trigger User wants to purchase a product he likes.
Precondition A product is selected.
Postcondition An order is available at different locations in the tool for the selected product(s) with the chosen configuration and amount.

Main Scenario

  1. The user clicks on the shopping cart symbol.
  2. The product is added to the user's shopping cart.
  3. The user goes to checkout.
  4. The user selects a payment method and delivery address.
  5. The user checks the order details.
  6. The user clicks on the buy now icon and confirms the order.

Alternative Scenario