Use Case »Try out Products in AR« (UC-7)

Contained in use case diagram
Use case diagram for functional requirement »Select placed products models in AR« (UCD-1)
Belongs to functional requirement
FR-16: Place the selected products in the AR room (R2)
Responsible RE-Author(s) for this Artefact
Celina Schulz, Tim Pack, Lydia Vogel, und Ali Abdulra
(v1)   2022-08-15 - initially created as combined use case of old ones according to feedback
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Use Case Header

Title Try out Products in AR
Description Users must be able to display selected products / models in a desired location in the AR environment via drag and drop to get an impression.
Primary actor STR-1: End customer
Trigger The user wants to get an impression of furniture in the current room.
Precondition At least one product needs to be available in the list (the list may not be empty).
Postcondition The moved product / model is now displayed in the desired location.

Main Scenario

  1. The user opens the product list in the tool.
  2. The user looks at the available products.
  3. The user decides on a product.
  4. The user clicks on the product to select it.
  5. The user clicks on the "Place" button of the selected product.
  6. The tool displays the 3D model of the selected product in a fitting location in AR.
  7. The user drags the selected product / model into a location of choice in the AR.
  8. The user drops the product / model at that location.

Exception Scenario